Game of Dragons


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We believe that the best games that are currently available and possess a large player base, are those that have kept close contact with the members of their community
Because of this, one of our key goals with Game of Dragons is to maintain active and close communication between the GOD core team and the players/investors. That is why we promise to the community that we will constantly search for feedback, criticism, and potential improvements for the game. We will then base our discussions on future expensions for the game around your feedback. Our main Telegram channel and on our Discord will be our direct communication line with the community to gather all feedback and suggestions. Players will be able to post their thoughts about improvements and new ideas for the game here.


The economy within the game will be completely controlled by players and investors. Collected NFT Dragons, items and abilities can be traded on the NFT marketplace between other players and investors.
A key difference that separates Game of Dragons from other games is that each NFT can be used by the players within the game, and their uniqueness/rarity will help increase and preserve their value. While most P2E games are currently 2D based, Game of Dragons is fully 3D with high-end AAA quality graphics. By either investing or by reaching an advanced level of skill, investors and players can obtain tradable NFTs which they can then sell to other players and investors at a price that is freely determined by the demand on the open market These NFTs can currently be obtained by: