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Dragon Gold

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Dragon Gold

How does Dragon Gold work?

So you installed the game and are ready to increase your dragon count within the game!? By trading your GoD Token to Dragon Gold you will be able to make purchases within the game or in the Game Shop/NFT Marketplace. Once you traded your GoD Token for Dragon Gold you are free to buy any dragon you like within the game. Having 2 new dragons will grant you the ability to start your breeding process and participate in the Breeding Season 1, to have a chance at the "Helios" dragon which is a limited NFT and only 250 will be available. If you want to start P2E you will need atleast 100 Dragon Gold to start earning while playing.
Each new player will receive 300 Dragon Gold to play 3 matches for free. And 2 Free-to-Play dragons to choose from.

How do i get Dragon Gold?

You will need to have GoD Token tokens in your account to convert them to Dragon Gold. In our marketplace you will be able to purchase Dragon Gold with GoD Token or Sell Dragon Gold for GoD Token.
Price of Dragon Gold is calculated by the Oracle system: 1000 Dragon Gold = 1 $Dollar

Convert your tokens here in our MarketPlace:

How to Play

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Keybindings & UI

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