Game of Dragons

How to play

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Are ready to start playing Game of Dragons!?

In order to play Game of Dragons you will need to download and install MetaMask on the device.

Step 1

Install Metamask from their official website here:

Step 2

You will need to have MetaMask installed on the device where you want to play Game of Dragons.
If you have any questions about MetaMask you might find your answer here in the FAQ section of MetaMask:

Step 3

Add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask: Go to
> Settings > Network Enter the following:
Network Name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: ChainID: 56 Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL:

Step 4

Make sure you have "Smart Chain" selected:
Click on "Assets" and then "Import Tokens"
Add $GOD to your MetaMask Wallet and click "Add Custom Token": For Binance Smart Chain: Contract Address: 0xb801d03e1c394abd0d77440376e7f0d473254c0b Token Symbol: $GOD Token Decimal: 18 For Ethereum Blockchain:
Contract Address: 0x2F60EbD82577e95B8f792988D414032b46271c1c Token Symbol: $GOD Token Decimal: 18

Step 5

You can now start up Game of Dragons and start playing! Download Game of Dragons, start up the Launcher and connect your wallet to the game via your MetaMask browser. Your wallet address is your personal account!


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Dragon Gold

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Keybindings & UI

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