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How To Buy/Sell Dragon Gold On Mobile

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Inside Game of Dragons we use the currency Dragon Gold.
If you wish to buy new Dragons or use the Play2Earn function within the game you will need to add Dragon Gold to your Wallet Account.
Price of Dragon gold is calculated by the Oracle system 1000 Dragon gold = 1 $Dollar

How to trade Dragon Gold on Mobile?

Step 1

Open MetaMask on your Mobile and click on the 3 stripes on the top:
Click on the 3 stripes

Step 2

Click on "Browser"
Click on "Browser"

Step 3

Click on "Search or Type URL"
Click on "Search or Type URL"

Step 4

Copy and Paste this URL in the Search Bar and Press "Go"
Paste the URL in the top here and press "Go"

Step 5

Click on "Connect To MetaMask"
Click "Connect To MetaMask"

Step 6

Logged In Successfully!
Click on "Buy Dragon Gold"
Click on "Buy Dragon Gold"

Step 7

Move the Slider to the amount of Dragon Gold you wish to Purchase (Minimum is 1000 Dragon Gold) And click on "Buy Dragon Gold"
Click on "Buy Dragon Gold"
You have now Successfully Purchased Dragon Gold.