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What is NFT?

To begin with, let’s speak about non-fungible tokens and what differentiates them from regular cryptocurrency ones. A non-fungible token is a unique unit of data located in a blockchain. NFT certifies that a digital object is a unique asset and that its is not interchangeable.
If one unit of a cryptocurrency has the same value across the monetary base of owners, however volatile it might be, the NFT, on the other hand, is a unique token with its unique value that cannot be replaced, replicated or stolen.
Each NFT is one of a kind, it is not an interchangeable thing. NFTs are used to represent real objects of art, intellectual property, digital property, financial instruments, etc. Here are some key aspects that define NFTs:
  • Authenticity – NFT must have an owner and the ownership should be possible to verify.
  • Originality – each NFT is unique and it contains its own set of metadata.
  • Integrity – you cannot divide NFTs into parts like you can with cryptos.
  • Unique value – one NFT is not equal to another and they cannot be exchanged for one another at parity.
  • Place of existence – NFTs exist in a blockchain and they can create new markets and forms of investment.

What NFT is for?

NFTs within Game of Dragon can all be used to play with or you have the possibility to trade NFTs on the NFT marketplace to other Players/Investors. All NFTs within Game of Dragons will have a limited availability and rarity. Once acquiring one of our NFT the Player/Investor has the choice to use them however they see fit:
  • Play with your NFTs
  • Trade your NFTs on the NFT Marketplace
  • Collect NFTs

How to acquire NFTs?

There are multiple ways to acquire NFTs within Game of Dragons such as,
  • Complete the Seasonal Breeding system
  • Buying on the NFT Marketplace from other players
  • Subscription to Game of Dragons
  • Buying limited offer NFT dragons in the Game Shop

How to sell NFTs?

On the NFT marketplace Players/Investors can list their NFTs to sell to other players set with their own prices.