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Game of Dragons - Dragon Gold Contest


  • You are allowed to do all the tasks One Time/Account.
  • The video review must contain in-game recording & talking about the game explaining how you can earn.
  • Every 50 participants one winner will receive one of our 🐉 (the criteria will be announced soon)

Youtube Review

- 2000 Gold TikTok Video - 1000 Gold IG Video - 1000 Gold Facebook Post - 300 Gold
  • Please use the following tags: @Game_of_Dragons #GameOfDragons #axieinfinity #axiecon #axieCreator #axieOrigins #axiesisters
  • Put the link of our Telegram & Website in the description of the video/post.
  • Please send your wallet address that you play the game with and the link of what your post to: @GameOfDragons_contest
Fiery Love, Game of Dragons Team