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Game of Dragons is a unique 3D Dragon MMO where players battle and race against each other for Dragon Gold. in order to buy breed able dragons and breed Dragons for unique NFTs.
Players can collect dragons, items, and abilities inside Game of Dragons and may choose to trade them on the NFT marketplace.
Game of Dragons is currently in its BETA stage and can be played on Windows. Mobile/Mac versions will be released right after the the windows version is optimized.
Fahad and his team of game developers provide constant updates and improvements in order to keep you excited and improve the quality of experience for the game. More features, dragons, battle systems, breeding system, abilities and items are added to the game weekly. Game of Dragons offers a unique experience as you, the player helps the team to increase the quality of gameplay by providing feedback. Feedback from the community is one of the main pillars by which we differentiate ourselves from other P2E Games in the crypto world. We take your suggestions seriously and thoroughly review all of the feedback that we receive from the community. Game of Dragons is also the first of its kind that provides AAA Quality graphics and Unique Dragon themed gameplay.
In Game of Dragons there is a place for both investors as well as gamers to participate within the Game of Dragons universe. We are still only in the early stages of the project and have made tremendous progress over the past months and plan on increasing our productivity rate each month. The longer the project grows the more features, adventures, complex and challenging game play you can expect! Game of Dragons is a multi-chain project and we are currently live on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Both of which can be used to purchase Dragon Gold to play the game. Come and meet the team on our Telegram or Discord and Follow us on Twitter to get immediate updates about the game and the project progress! Telegram: @GameOfdragons
Twitter: @Game_Of_Dragons We hope to see you there! Don't forget to check out the rest of our Gitbook to find more in-depth information about Game of Dragons! Fiery Love, Team Game of Dragons
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